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The New Standard
for Accelerating
Company Growth

We are a partner, helping companies continuously improve and advance to the next level of excellence

We work collaboratively with our management teams to drive long-term value creation.

Our targeted sector identification process, proactive sourcing strategy, and research-driven approach inform every step of our investment process

Transforming Ideas into Actions

We blend extensive knowledge and discipline with an entrepreneurial spirit and engineering mindset based on over three decades of programming and executive leadership in enterprise software and multiple other large company businesses. See what sets Swasen Ventures apart.

Our Team

We are technologists and enterprise system executives at our core, translating ideas into actions. 


Our operations, growth and technology strategies are personalized through meaningful exchange across our network. 


We know enterprise software and have the track record in, operations, growth and innovation to prove it. 

Our Vision of Executive Empowerment is a Result of Our Combined Years of Experience


Swamy Senthil

We Take Pride in Our Process

Information Analysis

Thesis Development & Origination

Portfolio Management

Analysis  & Synthesis

Execution & Due Diligence

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We collaborate with our companies to capitalize on new ideas. We are subject matter experts with experience across enterprises which translates to greater success for management teams, employees and customers.

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