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How we step forward toward sustainable value-creation

Information Analysis

Our team conducts thorough review of the current economic environment, services subsectors, and competitive landscape.

Invest in capabilities and culture

The gap in capabilities is one of the primary barriers to action for LPs and GPs today. Installing champions with the right multi-stakeholder experience to straddle both the traditional investment and the sustainability worlds can be a vital first step in building institutional capabilities.  

Thesis Development

Development of detailed investment thesis and proactive outreach strategy to identify potential investment opportunities.

Focus on a long-term plan

Developing capabilities and driving a cultural change to develop value. We take advantage of a greater time horizon along with flexibility in private markets and optimize for the long-term outcome, not just quick wins – for example, by embracing experimentation and lengthening holding periods.

Portfolio Management

Investment team works with management to build a comprehensive value creation playbook tailored to each company’s unique strategy 

Portfolio Management

Investment team works with management to build a comprehensive value creation playbook tailored to each company’s unique strategy.

Communicate the plan

Along with measurable milestones along the way: Given the lengthy time horizon required to see results at the asset and portfolio levels, communicating the long-term plan and progress towards it to all stakeholders is vital to securing and maintaining buy-in. Communicating progress requires both standardized metrics (to enable comparisons) and customized reporting (to accommodate the unique aspects of each investment). Asset-level transparency is critical, given that different assets have varying considerations and portfolios turn over approximately every five years.

Analysis & Synthesis

Research and investment teams collaborate to identify industry themes, growth opportunities, and potential sector headwinds.

Don’t just divest, transform

Divestment and sector rotation offer quick wins for a single investor, but they do not remove sustainability laggards from the global mix. As these assets continue to operate, the systemic risks they engender will ultimately affect returns across the market.

Execution & Due Diligence​

Research and sector expertise informs our data-driven diligence process, allowing for greater certainty and speed to close.

Collaborate to address key barriers

Addressing measurement challenges and establishing the right incentives cannot be accomplished in isolation. We will continue to collaborate to set standards and policies. An example is the current momentum and relative maturity of measures to combat climate change can provide a testing ground for action on these ecosystem challenges, providing templates for system-wide collaboration across a broader set of sustainability topics

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